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Homelyfe’s mission was to make insurance easier for everyone and create a simpler way for you to buy and manage your cover. This was a fast moving insurance fin-tech start-up, working in an agile environment.

While at Homelyfe I worked on both their web and native apps which were built in React Native and React using a monolithic architecture. To handle content easily on iOS, Android and web platforms I developed a markdown parser which output web and native components.

At Homelyfe I integrated many third-party packages including Firebase, Zendesk and Social login to both web and native apps. I also contributed to Detox and Zendesk open source projects.

I setup Detox end-to-end testing on Android and iOS, Puppeteer for web and wrote unit tests using Jest which massively reduced the amount of bugs we released. This also put us in a position to move towards continuous integration where I used tools like Gitlab pipelines, Bitrise and Octopus Deploy.

You can use the web app here.



  • React Native
  • React
  • Yarn Workspaces
  • Lerna
  • Firebase
  • Detox
  • Zendesk
  • Jest
  • Detox
  • iOS
  • Android