Web Development

Design and Development

There are now over one billion websites and with over 40% of people worldwide now using the internet there is a lot of potential in this market for businesses.

I design and develop websites using the open source WordPress content management system (CMS). I developed a couple of WordPress sites during my placement at Cardiff University, since then I have created several sites using the CMS both for my personal use and for clients. During my placement I was also responsible for investigating various plugins before installing them on the University WordPress multisite servers.

For more user specific and complex websites I use HTML5, PHP and MySQL. This way I can develop a website from scratch to the users needs without the need to build the site around the WordPress CMS.

Responsive and Cross Platform

All the websites I produce are thoroughly tested on all major browsers before being released to the public. This includes Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and FireFox.

I build website websites using a mobile first strategy to ensure they are responsive and compatible on all screen sizes and devices.