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Random Blockz


In my spare time I decided to set myself a challenge to create a HTML5 reaction game within a week. The reaction game randomly generates a colour and displays it in a circle and then randomly positions the four available colours below it. The user needs to select the same colour from the bottom 4 squares that appears in the top circle. The user gets 1 point for each correct colour and -2 points for each incorrect colour.

I created this using JavaScript, JQuery, HTML and CSS. To make the game responsive I used Bootstrap and media queries so the game would re-size depending on the screen resolution. For the local database to score the highscore I used WebSQL.

You can download the game from the Google Play Store.



  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Local Storage
  • Cordova
  • Eclipse
  • Android SDK
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Media Queries