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I was asked to create a new WordPress site using the Cardiff University Corporate Theme and UIKit to display the content from the existing Joomla site While creating this site I had to following the Cardiff University standards to make sure everything looked consistent with other University sites…


Deploy Tool

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While working at Cardiff University during my year in industry I was given a task to improve the deploy tool which originally export sites from SVN and then deploys them onto different servers. I was asked to add a new admin interface, add a database and make the script more efficient. I created the…



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In my spare time I decided to create a HTML5 game using impactjs game engine. The aim of the game is to collect ammunition around the map and shoot the boulders using the spaceship. It is fairly similar to the classic game asteroids. I created this game primarily using JavaScript, but PhotoShop was frequently used when…



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During our second year at Cardiff University we were assigned a group project. We were asked to create a decentralized application which allowed users to send both encrypted and messages hidden within images (steganography). We decided as the best way to do this would be developing a Google Chrome extension which would interact with Diaspora. This would…



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I was asked to design 10 levels of this Bird Game using the ImpactJS map creator Weltmeister. The aim of the game is to tap the screen or click the mouse to make the bird jump and avoid falling into the water and colliding with enemies to reach the end as quickly as…



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Here is a game I created in my spare time using ImpactJS using this tutorial. The aim is to kill the zombies using grenades and bullets as quickly and efficiently as you can. The player has 5 lives and there are 2 levels to complete. I created the functionality of the game in JavaScript…



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Here is one of my first projects a platformer Flash game. The aim is to try and get the ball to the end as quick as possible. Once the game is complete you can submit your score to the database and see how you compare to other players on the global leaderboard. I created…