App Development


Mobile applications are becoming more and more important to our every day lives. Over one and a half billion people worldwide now own smartphones (1 in 5 people) giving the market huge potential. I design and develop services for mobile apps across all of the main platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. Based on requirements I produce apps which can be standalone or integrate with other data sources. The mobile applications are developed using HTML5 and Cordova which allows the applications to use native device functions.


Tablet applications are becoming increasingly important with a huge boom since the introduction of the first iPad in 2010. Over four hundred million people worldwide now own tablet devices and this is certainly going to increase over the next few years. I am able to offer both tablet specific apps and applications that work on both mobile and tablet devices. Like the mobile applications I develop, the tablet applications are created in HTML5 and Cordova making it more time efficient to develop for multiple platforms (including iOS, Android and Windows).

Development Strategy

App development continues to evolve with the continued technological advancements and increased usage of smartphones and tablets. When developing applications I tend to use an iterative approach where I work closely with the client. In iterative development, the system is designed, developed and tested in repeated cycles. With each iteration, additional features can be designed, developed and tested until there is a fully functional application ready and the client is ready for it to be released to customers.